My Housing Society Online Housing Society Accounting Software and Society Management Software.

Society Communication

MyHousingSociety offers simple and easy to use communication tools for the residents to stay informed and to connect with their community.

Notice Board

  • A snippet of all notices can be seen in one screen.
  • Simple categorization of notices by "Admin Notices", "Buy/Sell Notices" & "General Notices".
  • Set default expiry dates of notices.
  • Notices that announce an event, can be assigned an event date which will link these notices to the Event Calendar.
  • Reports such as Cash Flow report, Maintenance Fee Defaulters, Expense Reports that are generated in your Site, can be published on this Notice Board with a single click
  • Integrated with e-mail. New notices trigger email notification ( which can be configured )
  • Comments can be added to a notice, and will be sent as an email alert to the Notice owner
  • Participation poll can be enabled on notices to have an estimate of residents attending an event